Rootstock Network Integration


Rootstock is an EVM compatible chain, layer 2 for bitcoin that leverages the security of Bitcoin with a smart contracts platform designed for a freer, fairer and more decentralized world.

Website: rootstock.io/
Node setup: dev.rootstock.io/rsk/node/install/
Dev portal: rootstock.io/develop/
Explorer: explorer.rsk.co/ | rootstock.blockscout.com/
TVL: defillama.com/chain/Rootstock
Marketcap: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/rsk-infrastructure-framework/
Integration with Ambire would greatly benefit the Rootstock and Ambire users to leverage the power of Rootstock Bitcoin L2 network.
Technically Rootstock is EVM compatible so the integration will be similar to ethereum or existing EVM based chains.
The integration team (Rootstock) would be happy to assist and speed up the integration process by collaborating with ambire tech team.
Let’s quickly launch Rootstock on Ambire.


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Hello! Ambire extension enables users to add any EVM network. Reach out to us in discord.com/invite/ambire to get an invite code and discuss collaboration.